The Christmas Cookie Song: Full circle Disney inspiration & imagination

What does music composition have to do with this theme park website?

It may not seem so obvious that music composition and theme park attractions relate, but I believe it does. It’s all about story. A great story is made of a variety of elements. Mostly there’s sight and sound, but even touch, smell and taste play a major role where possible.

One of my most vivid adulthood memories is Disney’s Carousel of Progress. The strength of that memory isn’t the ride itself. It’s the song There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow by the Sherman Brothers. Whenever I hear the song, I’m transported back to my first time at The Magic Kingdom. That’s a really good memory!

The Sherman Bros. song is an important part of the attraction. It made the entire experience far more meaningful to me. I was singing their song the rest of the night and even days after. I’m still inspired by it!

Music is story. Music also enhances any visual story. My experience at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – which included the Carousel of Progress & all-you-can-eat cookies and hot chocolate – combined to inspire The Christmas Cookie Song. I wrote the entire song while baking cookies just a year after that memorable night. I was baking to recreate some of the memories. It’s very full circle. Isn’t that incredible?

Even with all that’s happening in the world today, I’m certain the magic of what Disney represents is alive and well for all who practice imagination. We need far more imagination.

Watch, listen and sing along & feel free to replace the named cookies with your favorite flavors!

WARNING: This one is horribly off-key … and I’m working on an updated version. You can follow The Christmas Cookie Song progress here.

NOV 2017 UPDATE: Listen to the 2017 version here.

P.S. Below is a 2012 photo of the actual cookies I baked while composing the song. Here’s the recipe.

The Big Soft Ginger Cookies that inspired The Christmas Cookie Song by Kevin Foster


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