B&M Stand-up / Floorless conversion Roller Coasters concept art and Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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Name: Standup Roller Coaster
Design: Steel multiple inversion
Created: 1993
Style: Bolliger & Mabillard


A B&M style standup roller coaster of the early generation. It features two inversions, a camelback hill and two spiral elements: one ascending and one descending.


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Name: Gladiator
Design: Steel multiple inversion (Stand-up or Floorless conversion)
Created: 1997
Style: Bolliger & Mabillard


A B&M style stand-up roller coaster. The ride features 7 inversion elements: three being a high arch flip and a “rewinder” – two corkscrews in which the second mirrors the first.

Gladiator at Busch Gardens Williamsburg quick story: 

In 1997 after Alpengeist opened, I thought about a quiet little, tree filled, spot in Italy behind the water balloon game. I drew up this B&M large stand-up (I know, I know) named Gladiator. Two years later, hello Apollo’s Chariot.



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