B&M Wing Roller Coaster concept art

Though I don’t draw as much today, every now and then I get inspired. When B&M debuted their wing roller coaster in 2011 … I was floored, ha! Really, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Many years ago, while in high school, I drew up something extremely close to their wing coaster trains. I called it the Hammerhead coaster easily, because I love sharks. I distinctly remember lowering the seats to align with track level. Seeing B&M’s similar angle with seating was pretty cool. Inspired by their realized design, I sketched this wing coaster layout in 2012.

The details:

  • Inverted drop
  • Small airtime hill
  • Sweeping turnaround
  • Zero-g roll
  • Overbanked turnaround
  • Mini airtime hill
  • Two twisty S-turns in a carved out valley
  • In-line twist above S-turns
  • Valley drop into a vertical loop

Carousel of Imagination B & M Wing Coaster pencil concept art Kevin Foster


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