KNEX Intamin impulse inverted roller coaster car train track

Recently, I rediscovered K’NEX, my childhood … err … young adult hobby. With a ton of potential hidden in giant bins, I realized that I could use K’NEX today to think of solutions for non-amusement related ideas. Little did I know, I’d find old models like this one.

I love Intamin impulse coasters. Apparently, I loved them so much I built this K’NEX model impulse train way back then. The train, mostly intact, was buried within all the other models and loose pieces.

My first Intamin impulse was Volcano The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion in Virginia. However, Superman Ultimate Escape at Six Flags Geauga Lake in Ohio was more memorable. It was awesome! The holding brake remains one of the top genius moments on a roller coaster. Mostly, there’s something about the power, the sound, the feeling that’s unique to any impulse coaster.

Before taking this model apart, I tried to build a static inline twist or barrel roll display. Slowly and surely, I was surprised at how much time these things take. When I was younger, I could do this all day long. Today … well … it’s not the same priority. Either way, it was worth trying.

Good times,
Kevin Foster




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