K’NEX Wooden Roller Coaster – Working Model

***This is an exact Copy & Paste from my old KFConcepts / KFCoasters Angelfire website. Remember Angelfire? (just checked and it’s still around, wow!!!) It was the Wix of it’s time. Pictures are very small for this reason – data limits at the time.***


  • Display: MODELS
  • Name: Thresher
  • Style: Wood Roller Coaster
  • Materials: K’NEX
  • Manufacturer: CCI/Gerstlauer
  • Completed: 2000
  • Function: Working Model

Thresher Ride Detail:

  • Height: 5′ 10.5″
  • Base Dimensions: 20′ x 7′ 11″
  • Drop: 4′
  • Drop Angle: 55 degrees
  • Turn Banking: 15 degrees
  • Train: 1 train, 3 cars, 12 seats

Thresher is a large sized project that is fully funtional. Built entirely with K’NEX it has it’s limitations, however the model still creates the excitement of a roller coaster in a scaled version.

This project is designed to resemble a roller coaster made of wood, or even a steel structure with wooden tracks. The trains are in the style of CCI and Gerstlauer’s latest rolling stock. The three car train is not secured to the track, however it completes the circut in the high majority of it’s running time. More information and pictures of the train are located on the CCI/Gerstlauer Car page.

All pictures fully displayed on this page show the train in still action, meaning not in motion. The pictures displayed on the Thresher Pictures page are of the train in motion on it’s circut. (02/10/2018 update: both static and action shots are shown; most are action shots)

Layout- That layout follows a basic L-shape out and back. From the flat straight “station” the train turns to the left and engages the chain lift. At the top it turns slightly to the left, straightens and then enters a banked C-shaped turn. The track then straightens into the main drop. At the base of the drop the track twists and turns slightly to the right, all while passing under and through the lift and it’s structure. Next is a camelback hill, then a banked turning hill to the right making the corner of the L-shape. A small bunny hop follows and then a low banked turn which straightens into the “break run” final stretch.

Note: This ride can complete the full circut. The chain lift does work, however with the weight of the train, not every time. The following pictures show the consistent working areas: from the top of the lift to the base of the final straight run.


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